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Standing on the banks of a Charleston waterway, a young girl stands in profile with her long red hair blowing behind her

Charleston's Scenic Gems: The Best Places for Family Portraits in South Carolina

Charleston, South Carolina’s picturesque landscapes, historic architecture, and charming streets provide the perfect backdrop for capturing beautiful family portraits. As a photographer in Charleston, I’ve had the privilege of exploring this city’s stunning locations and want to share with you the best places for unforgettable family portraits in the heart of the Lowcountry.

1. The Battery and White Point Garden:

  • The iconic White Point Garden is a favorite spot for family portraits. With its centuries-old oak trees, historic cannons, and a waterfront view, it exudes Southern charm. The soft, filtered light during the golden hour adds a magical touch.

2. Waterfront Park:

  • Located in the heart of downtown Charleston, Waterfront Park offers a blend of nature and modern amenities. The famous Pineapple Fountain, gardens, and palm trees make it a captivating location for family portraits with a coastal flair.

3. Isle of Palms, Front Beach:

  • For families seeking a beachy backdrop, Isle of Palms Front Beach is an ideal choice. The ocean, sandy shores, and the pier provide numerous opportunities for candid and scenic shots. Sunset sessions here are particularly breathtaking. Bonus: IOP Front Beach has restrooms, foot showers, restaurants, and gift shops for an after-session treat! 

4. Magnolia Plantation and Gardens:

  • Charleston’s rich history comes to life at Magnolia Plantation and Gardens. This lush, vibrant location offers endless possibilities with its blooming flowers, reflecting ponds, and charming bridges. Bonus: There is a petting zoo for the kids! 

5. Rainbow Row:

  • No list of Charleston portrait locations would be complete without Rainbow Row. The vibrant pastel houses along East Bay Street create a lively and visually appealing setting for family portraits.

6. Hampton Park:

  • Hampton Park, known for its grand oak trees and tranquil ponds, offers a more relaxed and natural environment for family photos. It’s particularly stunning in the spring when the azaleas are in full bloom.

7.  Mount Pleasant’s many parks

  • The town of Mount Pleasant has beautiful public parks with backdrops that include the Ravenel Bridge, Tidal Flats, Sprawling live oak trees, piers, docks, and bridges.  There is something for everyone in Mount Pleasant! 

8. Historic Downtown Streets:

  • Wander the historic streets of downtown Charleston for a unique blend of cobblestone alleys, charming doorways, and wrought-iron gates. These intimate settings capture the essence of the city’s historic charm.

9. Cypress Gardens: – Located just a short drive from Charleston, Cypress Gardens is a hidden gem with swamp gardens, walking trails, and serene waterways. It offers a serene and picturesque backdrop for Couples portraits. Not a good location for children and pets.  There are many large alligators at this location.  

10. Botany Bay Plantation Beach:  Located 60 miles south of Charleston on Edisto Island, is a beautiful hidden gem.  Complete with sprawling live oak trees, historical buildings, and a natural beach, Botany Bay Plantation will give your photos a backdrop that is unique and breathtaking. 

Conclusion: Charleston, South Carolina, is a photographer’s paradise, with countless enchanting locations for family portraits. Whether you prefer the historic charm of downtown, the coastal beauty of the beaches, or the natural serenity of parks and gardens, Charleston has it all. As a photographer, I’m excited to help you choose the perfect setting to capture your family’s unique story against the backdrop of this beautiful city. Contact me today to schedule your unforgettable family portrait session in Charleston, South Carolina

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