Printing your cherished photos at a DIY kiosk can be a convenient way to bring your digital memories to life. However, the excitement can turn into disappointment when the printed results don’t match your expectations. In this blog post, we’ll explore common reasons why your DIY photo prints might not have turned out as planned and offer insights to ensure your next printing endeavor is a success.

1. Color Calibration Confusion:

  • Issue: DIY kiosks may not always be calibrated accurately, leading to discrepancies in color reproduction.
  • Solution: Purchase your prints from the photographer directly. Their monitors are routinely calibrated with the print labs they contract with.

2. Resolution Woes:

  • Issue: Low-resolution images may appear pixelated or blurry when printed in larger sizes.
  • Solution: Always use high-resolution images for printing. Low-resolution files are only intended for use on screens, not in print. Never download a high-resolution file to a mobile device for printing. Cell phones and tablets shrink the file to save hard drive space, thus turning a High-Resolution file into a Low-resolution file. Always download to a Desktop or laptop computer and/or to a USB drive.

3. File Format Fumbles:

  • Issue: Some kiosks may have limitations on supported file formats, leading to unexpected outcomes.
  • Solution: Stick to commonly supported formats like JPEG when printing at a DIY kiosk. Avoid less common or proprietary formats to prevent compatibility issues. RAW files can not be printed at a kiosk, they must be converted to JPEG format. Only programs such as Lightroom can do this task.

4. Aspect Ratio Adjustments:

  • Issue: The kiosk might automatically crop or resize your images, affecting the intended composition.
  • Solution: Ask your photographer to crop your images to the desired aspect ratio before uploading them to the kiosk (as for an 8×10 crop). This ensures that you have control over the framing and composition of your prints.

5. Print Size Mismatch:

  • Issue: Choosing the wrong print size or aspect ratio can result in unexpected cropping.
  • Solution: Double-check and select the correct print size and aspect ratio that matches your vision. Be attentive to any cropping warnings provided by the kiosk.

6. Color Space Conflicts:

  • Issue: Differences in color spaces between your digital file and the kiosk settings can lead to color inaccuracies.
  • Solution: Ask your photographer to convert your images to the sRGB color space, which is widely accepted for most printing purposes. This helps maintain consistency in color representation across different devices.

7. Paper and Printer Quality:

  • Issue: DIY kiosks may use lower-quality printers and paper, impacting the overall print quality.
  • Solution: Choose to print through your photographer who offers higher-quality printing options, even if they come at a slightly higher cost. Investing in better materials can significantly improve the final output.

8. Calibration Check:

  • Issue: The kiosk’s printer calibration may be off, affecting color accuracy.
  • Solution: If possible, check with the kiosk attendant to ensure that the printer is regularly calibrated. Choosing to print through a reputable photographer that prioritizes calibration can also mitigate this issue.

9. DIY Dilemmas:

  • Issue: DIY kiosks lack the expert touch of professional printers, resulting in suboptimal prints.
  • Solution: Consider using the professional printing services offered by your photographer. While slightly more expensive, the investment often pays off in superior print quality.


Navigating the DIY photo printing landscape can be a rewarding experience when armed with the right knowledge and precautions. By addressing common pitfalls like color calibration, resolution, and file formats, you can enhance the likelihood of achieving prints that truly capture the essence of your digital memories. Whether you choose a DIY kiosk or opt for professional printing services, being aware of these potential issues empowers you to create photo prints that do justice to your cherished moments.

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