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Tonya Brisson, Business Owner and Full Time Photographer

tonya brisson holding twin grandson infants
Portrait of Brisson Imagery family in 2021 on Isle of Plams beach
Professional Photographer Tonya Brisson. Self Portrait. Gray backdrop, black shirt, long curly hair.
Tonya Brisson Taking your picture

Background: I hold a degree in Art and design from Antonelli Collage and I have worked for companies such as Disney/ABC studios, Trager Art Gallery, Listings in Motion, Cauldwell Banker, Carolina One, The Charleston Historical Foundation, Charleston Wonderland, Intrigued Events, Charleston Intimate Events, Ray Wedding Services, Mount Pleasant Magazine, Charleston in a nutshell tours, and many more.  My work has been published in the following books/magazines: Voyage ATL, Mount Pleasant Magazine, Low Country Cuisine, Mount Pleasant Pets, Pin ups and Pets, and in an upcoming book by the author of Charleston Salt & Iron (and several other published books), Wendy Pollitzer.  

Personal Info: I’m proud to be a Charleston-born native who has lived in Mount Pleasant most of my life.  I attended James B. Edwards Elementary, Moultrie Middle, and Wando High School (class of 1992!). Yes, for those into the generational labels, I am a proud late-stage GEN X’er! Quiz me on anything late 80’s, 90’s, and 00’s! 

Do I have a 9-5 job? No, I do not have any other job or jobs.  I am a full-time photographer.  I babysit my twin grandsons Part-time while their parents work.  I still have weekday availability, but most clients want weekend slots so that THEY don’t have to miss work or school.  So it all works out. 

Hobbies: Photography(obviously right?), Watercolor painting, sketching, crocheting, Cake Decorating, and anything creative! 

Guilty Pleasures: Amazon Prime, Etsy, and Yard Sales!   

What else about me???  Well, I love Mexican food, iced coffee, listening to the waves at the beach, and binge-watching shows like The Outer Banks, Game of Thrones, The Vampire Diaries, The Way Home, and so many more. I love pop music, and Pokemon Snap is my favorite video game! If you know, you know! 

My path to photography:  It was a series of multiple baby steps leading to this destination! First, it started as a hobby.  Then my father-in-law started challenging my competitive nature with who could take a better picture.  This led me to wanting new gear and more “toys” as my husband called it.  He finally said this was getting too expensive to be a hobby and told me if I wanted new things I would have to earn money with the camera to pay for them.  Well, I’m not one to back down from a challenge and I hate being told “no” or that “I can’t” so…challenge accepted!  In 2015 I got my first business license and started charging for my skills, and here we are today! I love all my new and not-so-new photography toys! Ha! Ha! 

As for my style, I’ve always enjoyed looking at magazines like Time, Life, National Geographic, Vogue, Cosmo, And many others.  They are a source of inspiration in my photography work. 

Meet Kala, my make up artist of choice...

Brisson Imagerys Exclusive Make Up artist

Kala started doing makeup on herself in 2020 during the pandemic. The lockdown allowed her to cultivate her skills and tap deeper into a love that has always been there. Since then she has done work for local dance shows, events, SFX Makeup for an independent film, and has studied under 3-time Oscar winner, Ve Neill in LA. She loves to help people pull out their inner child and have fun!

Click Here to see her work! 

My home studio in Mount Pleasant, SC

I prefer to do as much studio work as possible, from my Mount Pleasant Studio.  This is the most cost-effective option for clients, and there are no restrictions on time.  Everything is more relaxed and we can concentrate on having fun and getting great shots.  

This studio is perfect for newborn sessions, headshots, Santa Sessions, and for groups of up to 6 people.  For anyone needing more space or ADA accesability, I  rent time at Pixel Studios in West Ashley.  

First Home Studio of Brisson Imagery, LLC

If I can't take my camera, I'm not going!

I know it may sound a bit cliche’ but, I literally take my camera everywhere!  Its the source of my back pain! (teasing!) One never knows when an amazing photographic opportunity with spring up!  

Portraits is what I do as my 9-5 job.  Landscapes, Macro Photography, Astro Photography, Wildlife Photography, and Still Life Photography is what I do for “me time”.  I do sell my work for wall art, stationary, ornaments, novelty gifts….you name it! You can check out my “non-people” portfolio by clicking the button below! 

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