Being a professional photographer is no easy feat. Behind those camera lenses lies a delicate art form, and photographers have mastered the art of capturing moments that last a lifetime. However, there are some things you should avoid saying to a professional photographer unless you’re in the mood for some candid shots of their frustrated expression. So, without further ado, let’s explore the comedic side of the 10 things you should NEVER say to a professional photographer!

1. “Can’t You Just Photoshop That?”

Ah, the classic request for Photoshop magic. Because who needs to get it right in-camera when you have the magical touch of Photoshop, right? Cue the eye roll.

2. “My Friend Has a Nice Camera; They Can Do It Cheaper!”

Fantastic! Let’s entrust your once-in-a-lifetime moments to someone with a nice camera and a hobbyist’s enthusiasm. What could possibly go wrong?

3. “Can You Make Me Look 10 Pounds Lighter?”

Sure thing! Let me just grab my Photoshop wand and sprinkle some digital fairy dust to transform you into a svelte version of yourself. Easy peasy.

4. “Why Does It Cost So Much? It’s Just Pressing a Button!”

If only it were that simple! Professional photographers magically press a button while simultaneously juggling creativity, technical skills, gear expenses, and the eternal quest for the perfect shot.

5. “Can You Take a Quick Picture with My Phone?”

Because the professional camera they’re lugging around is just for show, right? Sure, let’s use a potato camera to capture the magic of your special moment. Nothing screams “we are not buying the pictures” like “take a pic with my phone”.

6. “I Saw This Filter on Instagram; Can You Recreate It?”

Absolutely! Let’s forget about years of training, technical knowledge, and an artistic eye. A simple Instagram filter is all it takes to turn your photos into masterpieces.

7. “I Could Do That; It’s Just a Hobby, Right?”

Of course! Because juggling full-time marketing, bookkeeping, and business legalities along with continuing Ed, countless hours of practice, and investing in the right expensive gear is just a casual hobby, not a serious commitment.

8. “Can You Photoshop My Ex Out of Our Wedding Photos?”

Ah, the Photoshop eraser tool—a magical remedy for relationship woes. Because nothing says ‘happily ever after’ like digitally removing an ex from your wedding photos.

9. “So what is your real job?”

Ummm, This IS my real job? Thanks to all the faux photographers these days, people can’t spot a pro from someone looking to make a quick buck by delivering subpar work shot on auto mode.

10. “You Must Have a Lot of Free Time Since You Just Take Pictures All Day!”

Absolutely! Professional photographers have all the time in the world to leisurely sip coffee and bask in the luxury of unlimited free time. The reality: countless hours of editing, client communication, and business management.


Navigating the world of professional photography can be a comedic adventure, filled with quirky requests and eyebrow-raising comments. While humor is a great way to lighten the mood, it’s essential to remember that professional photographers are artists who pour their passion and expertise into creating stunning visual stories. So, the next time you encounter a professional photographer, maybe refrain from pressing those buttons—literal or metaphorical—that might lead to an unintended photoshoot of exasperation!

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