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Frequently Asked Questions.......with answers!

Are you looking for Pricing?  Its on the WELCOME page! 

Where are you located?

Honestly…..I’m EVERYWHERE!  

My home studio (which is inside of my private residence) is in Mount Pleasant (29464).  I do indoor sessions here. The exact address will be given to you after our initial consultation (for security reasons).   If you require ADA access or a larger space, I rent Pixel Studios in West Ashley for an additional $150 per hour. 

I also photograph on local beaches, in local parks, in your home or office, and with permission…on location in restaurants, plantations, and other unique locations.  Permit fees may apply. 

Do you sell Gift Certificates?

Absolutely! call me and I’ll Print one up for you right away! 

Do you sell physical product?

living room mock up of a portrait framed over the fireplace
The photo above the fireplace was taken at Alhambra Hall!

YES!   Digital Files come standard with every session, but before you shop at a big box store or online retailer…Look in my online gift shop!  My print prices are within a few dollars of Shutterfly and Walgreens! 

I offer: 

  • Prints on Paper, Canvas, Metal, Acrylic, or Wood.
  • Photo Albums, magazines, and books. 
  • Ornaments, Jewelry, Keychains, Toys, and so much more! 
Picture of a woman holding a card with a family portrait on the front
Image of a person on a laptop and holding a cell phone

Other Common Questions

  • How many images will I get?  Break it down by time: if you have a 30-minute session you can expect 15 or more images.  If you have a one-hour session you can expect 30 or more images.  That’s 1 deliverable image every 2 minutes with no wardrobe or set changes, and if all the subjects are cooperative(babies, kids, and pets tend to take more time to get deliverable images from). Keep in mind that not every click of the shutter results in a deliverable image and people always go through a warm-up period at the start of their session.  The best images are usually the ones near the middle to end of a session. 
  • How long is your editing time? At the MOST it is 14 days; at minimum it is 24 hours.  It depends on the season, how many sessions are booked on the same day, and how long each session is. I’m a full-time photographer working alone. I edit all of my imagery myself by hand, I do not outsource the editing or use presets (copy & paste filters). 
  • Do you do sessions in clients’ homes?   YES, by request, I would be happy to photograph in your home, office, or your private garden. 
  • Do you do sessions on the beach? YES. Isle of Palms/Wild Dunes is my first choice. Folly Beach/Morris Island is another choice. Professional Photography is illegal on Sullivans Island Beaches and carries a $1400 fine.
  • Do you do sessions at area plantations? YES, however, they charge permit fees for each session: Magnolia Charges $225 per visit. Boone Hall Charges $500, and Charlestown Landing charges $25.   
  • What parks do you like to photograph in?  Hampton Park, Waterfront Park, The Battery, Pineapple Fountain, Fort Dorchester, Riverfront Park, and a handful of my favorite “secret spots”.  
  • Do you Photograph on Kiawah Island or Seabrook Island?  Yes, But there is an additional charge for permits and a $50 travel fee will be applied. 
  • Do you photograph pets?  ABSOLUTELY!  I love animals! 
  • Do you Photograph Elopements or weddings? YES & YES!  I have extensive experience in both and would be happy to talk to you about your needs!
  • Do you Photograph Boudoir?  I do not shoot sexually suggestive or explicit imagery. I will photograph “nudes” that keep the private parts covered and are tastefully and artfully posed. If you wouldn’t see it on the cover of Vanity Fair, then I won’t do it!   
  • Do you photograph Newborns? YES.  My sessions are baby-led and I use natural posing.  No props.  I don’t fold the baby in half or stuff them in a bucket.  My newborn sessions include the entire family.  
  • Do you do cake smash sessions?  YES, for all ages, species, and occasions! 
  • Do you offer mini-sessions?  No, but I do offer Stylized 30-minute sessions throughout the year. My regular everyday sessions are already priced well below professional market rates. I would be losing money if I offered sessions for any less. 
  • Do you have props?  YES, I have a few, but if you are looking for something specific, I will have to purchase it for you for an additional fee, or you are welcome to bring your own props.  My preference is to use props sparingly.  I believe the focus should be the subject, not the clutter, but I am open to fulfilling all requests. 
  • Do you offer Commercial Photography services?  YES!  I have experience in Product, Food, Real Estate, and Fashion Photography.  Send me an email explaining what you need and I will be in touch! 
  • Do you photograph Events? YES.  My rate is $225 per hour.  Ask to see my event portfolio! 
  • Do you sell Landscapes, Wildlife, Macro, Astro, or Still Life Photography?  YES! If my camera can’t go where I go, I’m not going! Ask me for a link to my gallery! 

Glossery of Photography Terms

Photographers and Lawyers use big words! 

Here are the most common ones that people tend to misunderstand. 

  • Digital File: a fully edited JPEG image
  • RAW file:  This is an unedited massively large electronic file made by a professional camera.  It can only be opened, viewed, and edited with specific software.  It is the ingredients of a finished image, but without the right knowledge and equipment, it is just lines of code. 
  • Print Release: A letter written by the owner of the copyright permitting print labs to make copies and prints of the artist’s work, for personal use. 
  • Copyright: The legal ownership of an artist’s(photographer) intellectual property(the images they take with their camera). 
  • Trademark: A symbol, word, or phrase registered by a company or product that specifies their exclusive use of the word, phrase or physical depiction of a charachter.  Examples: The Grinch, anything Disney, Coke/Pepsi. 
  • Commercial Use License: A legal document given by the artist(photographer) outlining explicit permission for their work(photographs) to be used for the marketing or promotion of a paying client’s business, and/or for anything other than personal use. 
  • High-Resolution Image:  A JPEG file that is 300 pixels per inch/300 dots per inch.  High-resolution images are only used for PRINTING. High-resolution files are enormous and will eat up memory on computers, and mobile devices, as well as freeze/crash online social media and email (too much bandwidth). 
  • Low-Resolution Image: A JPEG file that is LESS THAN 300 pixels per inch/is 72 dots per inch.  Low-resolution files are only used on SCREENS and are designed to not overload computers, social media pages, mobile devices, and Digital picture frames.  If printed they will come out blurry and pixilated.   They look crystal clear on electronic screens. All of the images on this website are Low-Resolution files.
  • Online Gallery: This is a paid-for computer program that the photographer uses to upload and send both High-resolution files and Low-resolution files, through email for a paying client to view, purchase and download the finished imagery. An on-line print lab and gift shop is attached to every gallery.  Galleries expire, they are not forever.  Be sure to make your selections and purchases in a timely manor. 
  • Photography Agreement: This is a legal document signed by the Photographer and the client that clearly outlines the specifics of expectations and deliverables.  
  • Model Release: This is a legal document signed by every adult and guardian (children) permitting the photographer to use the imagery in their portfolio, online websites, in marketing, and in photographic competitions.  It DOES NOT permit the imagery to be sold to stock photography sites. 
  • Property Release:  Exactly like a model release but for the use of Property such as Pets, Cars, boats, houses, businesses, and all matters of private property.  
  • Digital Art:  Typically it is art that is created on computers, however, in photography it means composite images or photographs altered in Photoshop to change the visual representation of the image to something more artistic.  
  • Fine Art Photography: Like Digital Art, Fine Art photography usually depicts the subject artfully, using dramatic lighting, planned posing, stylized studio sets, and artistic editing skills.  
  • Natural Light Photography:  When the photographer uses only the sun and reflectors to light their subjects. 
  • Portrait:  An intentionaly made photo or painting of a subject, typically of a human or pet. 
  • Lifestyle Photography: A fancy name for Candid photographs of a person or group of people interacting with each other or their environment.  Directed but not posed.  Subjects are often not smiling or looking at the camera. 
  • Stylized Photo Shoot:  photo sessions where the photographer has pre-designed the set, location, and wardrobe to their artistic vision and goal, and has invited new and/or existing clients to pose and act out the scenes on set.  
  • Mini-Session: Originally meant to be a fast introduction of new clients to a photographer’s business, in recent years both new and existing clients have used this term to mean fast, inexpensive, or cheaper than regular rates. 
  • Headshot: Close-up photo of a person’s head and shoulders, primarily used for business, acting, and modeling. 
  • Personal Branding:  A photoshoot where a person is depicted in multiple backdrops/scenes and displays activities that tell the viewer what they are interested in or what their career may be.  Includes headshots as well as full body shots.  

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