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What is Fantasy Photography?

Fantasy portraiture is a genre of art that involves creating portraits with a strong emphasis on fantasy, imagination, and creativity. In this style of portraiture, artists take inspiration from fantastical elements such as magic, mythology, fairy tales, and imaginary worlds to craft unique and often surreal depictions of individuals.

Key features of fantasy portraiture might include:

  1. Imaginative Settings: Fantasy portraits often place subjects in otherworldly or dreamlike environments that go beyond the boundaries of reality. These settings can be inspired by fantasy literature, folklore, or the artist’s own imagination.

  2. Magical Elements: Artists incorporate magical or supernatural elements into the portrait, such as spellcasting, magical creatures, or enchanted objects. These elements contribute to the sense of wonder and fantasy in the artwork.

  3. Costumes and Attire: Elaborate costumes, accessories, and makeup are frequently used in fantasy portraiture to transform the subject’s appearance and transport them into a fantastical realm.

  4. Storytelling: Fantasy portraits often tell a story or suggest a narrative. The combination of elements in the portrait can evoke emotions, spark curiosity, and invite viewers to imagine their own interpretations of the scene.

  5. Surrealism: Fantasy portraits may incorporate surreal or unexpected visual elements that challenge reality and create a sense of intrigue.

  6. Creativity and Originality: Artists have the freedom to explore their creativity in fantasy portraiture, experimenting with unconventional color palettes, lighting, and composition to create a visually striking and captivating piece.

  7. Digital Art: With advancements in digital art tools, fantasy portraiture has gained popularity in digital art communities. Digital artists can seamlessly blend different elements to create intricate and imaginative scenes.

Fantasy portraiture can be found in various forms of artistic expression, including traditional painting, digital art, photography, and even costume design. It allows artists to merge the real and the fantastical, resulting in portraits that are not only visually stunning but also invite viewers to explore the depths of their own imagination.

Cosplay Portrait of the character from a famous scary movie

Cosplay Portraits in Charleston, South Carolina

Before and After

Fantasy portraits are a fun way to memorialize childhood! Kids and Parents love seeing the finished imagery, and I love hearing their squeals of delight.
Tonya Brisson, Professional Photographer from Charleston SC
Tonya Brisson
Owner, Brisson Imagery, LLC

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