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At Brisson Imagery we believe in full transparency.  There are no shortage of photographers for you to choose from.  Our goal is to be upfront with how our business works and what you can expect.  Customer satisfaction is our top priority.  We thank you for your interest and we really hope that you choose to work with us! 

  1.  How far out do you book?  Most people want portraits made when they are off from work (evenings and weekends).   We usually book the weekend time slots around 10-14 days in advance. If you are available for a session Monday – Friday,  we can usually get you in within 3-5 days.  The same holds true for Wedding, Event, and Business photography requests. The only exceptions are the months of NOVEMBER & DECEMBER.  These are our busiest months.  Services are typically booked 30-60 days in ADVANCE.  If you require imagery for holiday cards, please book your appointment for 30 days before you need to place an order as print labs are also busy this time of year.  

2. Is a deposit required? 

I charge a BOOKING FEE. Most sessions are $99 per hour.  Full Newborn Sessions pay a $250 BOOKING FEE, and Santa Sessions pay a $175 fee.    

3. Are Digital Files included?   

Portrait sessions are given four Package options to choose from, each package includes a set number of digital files. Please see our Pricing page for a detailed breakdown.   


4. How do we get our finished imagery? 

All imagery is delivered electronically through email after a package has been paid for. 

For clients who prefer an in-person sales meeting, I would be happy to come to your home or meet at a local coffee shop.  

5.  How long does it take to get our gallery? 

Portraits can take up to 14 days, depending on the season.  In slow seasons it may be sooner.  There are no rush options available in November or December as this is our busiest time of year. If you need imagery for holiday cards, please book your session a month before you need to place orders as print companies are also busy this time of year. 

6.  How long is our gallery available to us?

We keep your gallery “live” for 30 days. After 30 days your gallery program will close to keep your imagery safe from possible online attacks.  If you need your gallery program re-opened, please call us.  

7. Do you have a studio?   

YES.  Our studio in located in our Mount Pleasant home and is perfect for newborns and families up to 6 subjects.  For larger groups or for those needing ADA accommodations, we rent time at a Commercial studio in West Ashley.  

8. Do you have props, wardrobe, and a Hair & Make up artist? 

PROPS: We have a small collection of props for children and newborns.  For an additional fee,  We will purchase props for specific requests.  Please see our pricing page for a detailed breakdown. 

WARDROBE:  We have a small newborn wardrobe as well as a small collection of children’s costumes and dresses.  For an additional fee, we can rent special wardrobe pieces for specific requests.  For an additional fee, you may use our online program for stylization and online shopping for wardrobe pieces.  Please see our Pricing page for a detailed breakdown.  

Hair & Makeup artist: We have a handful of artists that we have worked with, however, most clients prefer to find their own artists.  If you would like to include a HMUA in your session, we will be happy to set you up with one of ours for an additional fee.  Please see our pricing page for a detailed breakdown. 

Please click the “What’s included” button (found below) to learn more about what is included in our services. 

9. What method of payment do you accept and how do we pay you?   

All invoices are sent to you through email.  On the invoice you will have electronic options to pay by credit card, PayPal, or Venmo.  We do not keep your payment information on file.  

10. What paperwork do we need to sign? 

All Clients are emailed a photography agreement which specifically spells out all of our policies and sets all expectations for our working relationship.  This form is signed electronically.  

A model/property release.  This release permits us to upload your pictures to the internet (for delivery purposes), as well as to use your “likeness” on our websites, social media pages, in art/trade expos, for advertisement, and entry into photographic competitions.  Names, locations, and all other personal information are kept private.  This form is required for every human, pet, and personal property photographed.  This form is also signed electronically.  

Please view the “Forms” page (located in the navigation bar) to print or review these forms in advance.  

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Still have some unanswered questions?

Please send us a text message or call us on our mobile phone at: 843-789-0812, OR email us at BrissonImagery@gmail.com