Newborn Photographer in Charleston, SC

Newborn Twin boys poses on tummies, one on top of the other. Gray backdrop. They still have their hospital bands on. Portrait by Brisson Imagery
Newborn baby girl posed on her tummy wearing cream skirt on a cream backdrop with fairy wings. Portrait by Brisson Imagery
Newborn Baby boy laying on a bed of cream colored blankets sleeping. Portrait by Brisson Imagery
Newborn baby boy in green in the huck fin pose portrait by Brisson Imagery
Newborn baby girl on a pick backdrop wearing a fluffy pink tutu and pearls. she is in the reverse taco pose. Portrait by Brisson Imagery
Newborn Baby girl in a purple tut with a matching headband portrait by Brisson Imagery

The only way to keep them this little, is in a picture

Newborn portraits hold immense sentimental, emotional, and aesthetic value, allowing you to relive and share the precious moments of your baby’s early days. These timeless keepsakes create a visual legacy, capturing the beauty and innocence that is unique to the newborn stage. By investing in professional newborn photography, you ensure that these precious memories are preserved in a way that will be cherished for generations to come.

Newborn baby boy posed in his mothers hands with his hands under her chin portrait by Brisson imagery

Hiring a professional newborn photographer ensures that the portraits are artistically composed, capturing the unique beauty and innocence of your baby. Professional photographers possess the technical skills and artistic vision to create stunning images that go beyond mere snapshots. They have experience working with newborns, ensuring their safety and comfort during the photoshoot.

Newborn Baby posed in the Froggie pose. Portrait by Brisson Imagery

Family is always included in my Newborn Sessions!

A grandmother poses holding her first grandchild in a portrait made by Brisson Imagery
Mother caresses her Newborn in a portrait by Brisson Imagery
Young couple and newborn pose for a portrait by Brisson Imagery
New Parents pose with newborn baby girl. Dad is kissing mom on head. Portrait by Brisson Imagery

Personalized to your unique needs

I always ask my parents to bring special outfits and props to a session.  One mom brought an old flannel shirt.  It had belonged to her husband’s father.  He passed away before the baby was born.  We created this heart-filled keepsake that is now blown up and hung proudly in their home! 

Posing in grandpas shirt
Newborn baby boy poses in his deceased grandfathers shirt
Free Maternity mini session with every prepaid newborn session!

Maternity portraits serve as treasured keepsakes for both parents and their future children. As time passes, these images become a source of nostalgia, allowing parents to revisit the feelings and memories associated with the pregnancy journey. Children, too, will appreciate the opportunity to see their parents’ love and excitement before their arrival, providing them with a tangible connection to their own beginnings. Maternity Portraits make a wonderful first chapter in your baby’s photo album! 

Maternity Portrait of a woman in green standing next to a creek. Portrait by Brisson Imagery
Maternity Portrait by Brisson Imagery. Mother lays with a blue ruffles dress around her head, her belly exposed, she's holding yellow sunflowers.
"Having kids is expensive! Why be forced to choose between a maternity session and a newborn session when you can have them BOTH? Pencil in the baby pictures for the week of your due date, and I will gift you a Maternity mini session to be done in your last few weeks of pregnancy."
Tonya Brisson, Professional Photographer from Charleston SC
Tonya Brisson
Owner, Brisson Imagery, LLC

Buy a digital gift card for yourself or for someone else as a baby shower gift! 

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