When you live in the most historic and scenic city in the south, you naturally want to get portraits made against its backdrops.  Each location has its own rules and regulations, it is not as easy as just showing up.  Below we have made a list of some of our favorite locations and what the specifics of that location may be.  We hope you find this helpful, and we hope you give us the opportunity to serve you! 

Prom Portrait Downtown Charleston by Brisson Imagery

Popular locations that forbid professional photographers: 

  1. Angel Oak Tree.  This tree sits on private property. Because the tree is ancient and delicate, to control traffic and potential unsavory behavior, the owners forbid professional portraits.  
  2. Mepkin Abby This historic location is an active Monk monastery.  Their beliefs forbid them to commercialize.  Because Photographers advertise with their imagery, all Professional portraits are forbidden. 
  3. Downtown Hotels Luxury hotels have staff photographers who are contracted with the right to be the only professional photographers for that brand.  You must use their staff photographer to have portraits done on their property. 

* Sullivans Island Beaches  *This is a contentious location*.  There is a law that prohibits professional photography on their beaches and carries a fine of $1400.  However,  If you Google Sullivans Island Photographers you will see Dozens of photographers advertising sessions here and even showing imagery with the iconic lighthouse and jetties.  When you call the Sullivans Island Zoning Board, they tell you portraits are allowed if taken by a friend or family member The Zoning Clerk will tell you it is the police’s job to intervene. When you Call the Sullivans Island police department, they tell you portraits are allowed if you get a permit from town hall…. which we already know that the town will not give because of the law.   

Photographers have been fighting this unfair and irregularly enforced law for DECADES.   Perhaps if local citizens voiced complaints, things could change.

  Click Here to read the law for yourself. 

For Clients who have their hearts set on Sullivans Island beaches, we offer 3 suggestions: 

  1. Call Sullivans Island Town Hall (843-883-3198) and ask for a permit.
  2. Officially befriend our photographer.  
  3. Use The Isle of Palms. 

Photographer Friendly Locations: 

  1. Mount Pleasant Waterfront Park
  2. Alhambra Hall
  3. Pitt Street Bridge
  4. Isle of Palms 
  5. Marsh View Trail
  6. Fort Palmetto 
  7. Shem creek
  8. Palmetto Islands County Park
  9.  Pumpkin Patch at the Methodist Church in MtP
  10.  Mount Pleasant Town Center Holiday Lights 
  11. Village of McClellonville 
  12. White Point Gardens/The Battery
  13. Pineapple Fountain
  14. Hampton Park
  15. Downtown Public Access points
  16. Colonial Lake
  17. Marion Square/King Street
  18. Riverfront Park
  19. Wannamaker Park
  20. Fort Dorchester
  21. Azalea Park
  22. Botany Bay Plantation and Beach
  23. Old Sheldon Church Ruins
  24. Morris Island Lighthouse

Places that Charge Fee's to use their property

  1. Boone Hall Plantation, $500 per year 
  2. Magnolia Plantation $225 per visit + admission
  3. Charlestown Landing $25 per visit + admission
  4. Boals Farm $50 an hour 

Sometimes the BEST location is in your own backyard! 

This Photograph was taken in 2020 during lockdown.  We used the client’s wood fence to hang a backdrop, and did this sweet child’s birthday portrait in his backyard! 

Photography Locations a little outside of the box!

As photographers, our dream clients are the ones who want to capture the real essence of who they are and what is most important to them! 

Pick a location that is special to your family story, and include it in your session!  We can help you get permissions and property releases.  Ideas include restaurants, shops, a library, a movie theater,  and so much more! 

When it comes to toddlers….putting them in their happy places usually results in amazing imagery.  This particular child was unsure of the strange photographer and was being shy.  We went to a playground and let him do his own thing, and this was the result!  

Landscape Portraits

Sunset In Mount Pleasant by Brisson Imagery. Arthur Ravenel Bridge to the right. of a silhouette woman and her dog centered on the setting golden sun

A Landscape portrait is a wide shot of a specific location and we put you/your family in the art work!  Imagine it as a picture you would hang over the sofa, but when your guest takes a closer look, they see YOU artfully captured.