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Use this calendar to request your first choice of date and time.   I will call you within a few hours to confirm or offer another time slot. 

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Don’t worry, I don’t sell your information and I will not spam you.  I send newsletters no more than once a month with upcoming mini sessions, modeling opportunities (free shoots!), and Holiday greetings.  You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking the “unsubscribe” button on the email itself.  

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Commercial rent in Charleston is astronomical.  For this reason, my studio is located inside of my Mount Pleasant residence.  You will be given the address upon booking. For large groups or clients with ADA needs, I rent space at Pixel Studios in West Ashley.  

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How this all works: 

  1. Select a Sitting fee and any optional add-ons that fit your needs.  
  2. Go to my Calendar and pick your first choice for time and date.  I will call to confirm or reschedule.  At this time, we will have a short discovery consult to be sure the assignment is understood by all.  
  3. I will invoice you through email.  I accept all major credit cards as well as PayPal and Venmo.  
  4. Next, we will schedule a phone consultation or in-person meeting to go over the Wardrobe, Set, Location, and Cosmetics. 
  5. Come to picture day with an open schedule.  This is more than just pictures, this is an experience that you will want to enjoy. 
  6. Immediately after our photoshoot, we will load the imagery into the computer where you can view all of the unedited captures and select which ones you would like edited.  If we do an outdoor session, plan on meeting me at a nearby Panera, Starbucks, Public Library, or Barnes & Noble, immediately after the shoot.  
  7. At this time you will be asked to select and pay for a product package.  Payment plans and layaway are available, however the imagery will not be delivered until the balance is paid in full.  
  8. Product delivery varies due to Print Lab and shipping timelines.  Most clients can expect their orders within 3 weeks of the order date(not including my editing time).  
Brisson Imagery Sitting Fee options 2024

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Brisson Imagery Package Options 2024
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Frequently Asked Questions...

  • Do you do sessions in clients’ homes?   YES, by request, I would be happy to photograph in your home, office, or your private garden. Travel Fees will be applied. 
  • Do you do sessions on the beach? YES. Isle of Palms/Wild Dunes is my first choice. Folly Beach/Morris Island is another choice, however, travel fees will apply.  Professional Photography is illegal on Sullivans Island Beaches and carries a $1400 fine.
  • Do you do sessions at area plantations? YES, however, they charge permit fees for each session: Magnolia Charges $225 per visit. Boone Hall Charges $500, and Charlestown Landing charges $25.  Travel Fees will be applied as well. 
  • What parks do you like to photograph in?  Hampton Park, Waterfront Park, The Battery, Pineapple Fountain, Fort Dorchester, Riverfront Park, and a handful of my favorite “secret spots”.  Travel Fees will be applied. 
  • Do you Photograph on Kiawah Island or Seabrook Island?  Yes, But there is an additional charge for permits and travel fees will be applied. 
  • Why do you charge travel fees for LOCATION photoshoots? Because taking my gear outdoors is more wear and tear on the equipment, It takes more time out of my schedule, and I have to pack a laptop and set up at a free wifi location to do the View & Order appointment.  
  • Do you photograph pets?  ABSOLUTELY!  I love animals! 
  • Do you Photograph Boudoir?   I do not shoot sexually suggestive or explicit imagery. I will photograph “nudes” that keep the private parts covered and are tastefully and artfully posed. If you wouldn’t see it on the cover of Vanity Fair, then I won’t do it!   
  • Do you photograph Newborns? YES.  My sessions are baby-led and I use natural posing.  No props.  I don’t fold the baby in half or stuff them in a bucket.  My newborn sessions include the entire family.  
  • How many images will I get?  Break it down by time: if you have a 30-minute session you can expect 15 or more images.  If you have a one-hour session you can expect 30 or more images.  That’s 1 deliverable image every 2 minutes with no wardrobe or set changes, and if all the subjects are cooperative(babies, kids, and pets tend to take more time to get deliverable images from). Keep in mind that not every click of the shutter results in a deliverable image and people always go through a warm-up period at the start of their session.  The best images are usually the ones near the middle to end of a session. 
  • How long is your editing time? At the MOST it is 14 days, at minimum it is 24 hours.  It depends on the season, how many sessions are booked on the same day, and how long each session is. I’m a full-time photographer working alone. I edit all of my imagery myself by hand, I do not outsource the editing or use presets (copy & paste filters). 

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