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2024 Travel Policy for Portrait Sessions

Travel fee for Portrait Sessions 

Session Requests for locations that are to take place 30+  miles away from the 29464 zip code are charged $0.65 per mile (to and from). 

Session Requests for locations further than 50 miles from the 29464 zip code, fall under the Wedding/Event travel policy.

Wedding / Event Travel Policy

Effective Date: September 1, 2023

This Travel Policy (“Policy”) outlines the terms and conditions governing travel arrangements for Tonya Brisson (“Photographer”) when providing wedding photography services at locations that require travel. By hiring the Photographer’s services, the client (“Client”) agrees to abide by the terms set forth in this Policy.

1. Travel Arrangements

1.1. The Client shall cover all travel-related expenses, including but not limited to transportation (flights, ground transportation), accommodation, meals, and incidentals incurred by the Photographer and her assistant/Second shooter for the purpose of covering the wedding event.

2. Travel Fees

2.1. The Client shall be responsible for pre-paying the Photographer and her assistant/second shooter for all travel expenses incurred. Travel expenses follow the US Government per diem rates as found on their website.  Click here to view rates. will be calculated as follows:

  • Flights: Economy class airfare + luggage or reasonable alternative transportation. Any upgrade requests shall be covered by the Client.
  • Accommodation: A comfortable and safe lodging option in close proximity to the wedding venue.
  • Meals: Reasonable meal allowances or provided meals during the travel period. 
  • Ground Transportation: Transportation expenses incurred for travel between the airport, accommodation, and wedding venue.

2.2. The Photographer shall provide estimates of anticipated travel expenses prior to finalizing travel arrangements. The Client agrees to make the necessary arrangements to provide funds for these expenses in advance.

3. Travel Booking

3.1. The Photographer shall handle booking travel arrangements, including flights and accommodation. The Client is encouraged to provide information regarding preferred dates, times, and accommodations.

3.2. The Photographer shall inform the Client of the finalized travel itinerary and associated costs for approval before confirming bookings.

4. Advance Payment

4.1. The Client agrees to make an upfront payment covering anticipated travel expenses, as estimated by the Photographer. The Photographer shall provide receipts and invoices for all expenses incurred.

5. Reimbursement

5.1. The Client agrees to reimburse the Photographer for any actual travel expenses incurred during the trip upon presentation of valid receipts and invoices.

6. Additional Services

6.1. If the Client requests the Photographer to provide additional photography services outside the scope of the wedding event or related travel, additional fees shall be discussed and agreed upon.

7. Changes and Cancellations

7.1. In the event of any changes or cancellations to travel arrangements, the Client shall promptly inform the Photographer. The Photographer shall make reasonable efforts to accommodate changes, subject to availability and any associated costs.

8. Acceptance of Policy

8.1. By engaging the Photographer’s services for a wedding event that requires travel, the Client acknowledges and accepts the terms and conditions outlined in this Travel Policy.

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