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Charleston Newborn  Photographer

9 years ago, when I first started doing photography as a business, I felt like I had to do the same things as everyone else because I thought that was what clients expected. However, In recent years I have had some concerns about the trends in newborn posing, so I did some one-on-one training with a couple of neonatal nurses from MUSC.  As it turns out, some of my concerns were validated.  This is when I started looking for safer ways to pose newborns. 

My newborn sessions are baby-led, meaning I work around the baby’s needs.  I do natural newborn posing as opposed to wrapping the newborn with their legs on their chests in multiple tight fabrics or contorting them into unnatural positions that can cause asphyxiation or cut off blood flow to limbs. I do not stuff babies into buckets, or balance them on props.  Babies are cute enough without all the clutter! 

I include the newborn’s family in a lot of the shots.  Sometimes I only use the family member’s hands.  Some families bring special mementos to add to some pictures. Some families bring multiple outfit changes( I have a small collection of infant wardrobe available for client use).  

 If my style of newborn posing sounds like something you would prefer, then I am the right photographer for you! 

My Newborn Studio

newborn posing bed
gray fabric photography backdrop

My newborn studio has all the comforts of home.  I use the bed to pose the baby, baby and siblings, baby and parents.  I have beautiful fabric backdrops for standing poses with parents.  In addition, there is a rocking chair available for use during feedings, a changing table, and a large-screen tv for siblings when they are not being photographed! 

Make it personal....

Posing in grandpas shirt
Newborn baby boy poses in his deceased grandfathers shirt

This little boy’s grandpa passed away before he was born.  Mom brought Grandpa’s favorite shirt and we posed the baby to look like he was in Grandpa’s arms.  Mom printed this on canvas and gave it to Daddy for his first fathers’s Day gift.  Tears were shed throughout the posing by both Mom and me! 

Newborn Gallery